The Secret and How it has Changed My Life

Back in 2011, my older sister let me borrow this book.  She was raving about how simplistic it’s lessons were, and how much sense it made.

When I first started reading, I could not put it down!  Every single sentence resonated within me so strongly.

Basically put, like attracts like- meaning good feelings bring good situations, and bad feelings bring bad ones. Everything is energy. We radiate this energy out in a frequency if you will, and said energy literally vibrates as it attracts things to us. So when I say ‘good vibes only’ I mean that shit.

I decided to start applying this crazy talk to my life, and things started to change drastically.  I used the principles I was learning from the book, to make immediate changes with my job, schooling, living environment, and relationships.

At the time I was working at a fast food restaurant full time, going to school full time, single, forever exhausted, and always stressed out.  I was going non-stop and was so incredibly lonely.  Though I told myself I was okay living my life like this until I got my degree, that was far from the case. I put the lessons from the book into action, and within a few months had met my soul mate and gotten married.  (We just celebrated our 4th anniversary so it wasn’t a total sham!) I also moved to the beautiful state of Colorado, and was suddenly free from every single little thing that was previously weighing heavily on my soul. And I had an elephant on my soul, let me tell ya.

My mind had been cleared and I was ready for the real deal. But what was the ‘real deal’? That I was not sure.

What would you ask for if you knew the answer would always be yes? What would you do for a living if you had the choice to be anything you wanted? How would your life change if the limitations of your current situation vanished?

As your eyes skip down this page I can hear you you think to yourself hogwash. No my friend, this is very real stuff.  And there is a ton of research and bullshit to sift through.  But this stuff works. I have used the creative process to land job after job, and to create situation after situation.

I would like to touch more on a few things in particular about this secret. The first one being, if you think that you have no control over your life situations and things just happen to you think again. Your life is not the bi-product of chance.  We have the power to choose to let things affect us in a negative or positive light.  Don’t let yourself be on autopiolet. Live with a purpose.  Choose to be positive about every little detail. We must set our intentions every single day.  Loud intentions if you will.

The second point I would like to briefly touch on is what the book describes as the creative process. Ask, Believe, Recieve. But even before you ask, you have to be crystal clear on what you want. Like specifics. Do you want a new car? Or do you want a new 2016 Urban Blue Pearl Metallic Kia Rio LX, with black woven cloth seating??

Then you have to believe that it can come into your life. You need to believe that you are deserving of it, and that it is possible to have. Then all you have to do, is practice feeling how you will feel once you have it! Which is the receiving part! And the most fun.  Visualization may be very helpful during the receiving process, and has been an incredible tool in my life, and with practice, it can be for you too! I would like to go into farther detail in this creative process in the future, perhaps in a seperate blog post.

One last thing I would like to point out, is the vitality of learning to live with an Attitude of Grattitude. We are so privileged. Yes, you are so privileged. And if you don’t think so, then you are missing out on a great way to gain and keep perspective- and if you don’t mind me saying so you need to work on that. The more you are grateful for, the more things you will attract into your life to be grateful for. And it starts with the smaIl stuff.

I have always been full of gratitude. And even more so when I read this book. But it wasn’t until this past Christmas that I realized I had only just scratched the surface. My older sister bought me a gratitude journal as a Christmas gift. I write in it almost daily and the paradigm shift I have experienced has been phenomenal.

Now, the book explains everything in much greater detail. But it is a must read for those who are looking to harness their inner potential. So invest in yourself, in your well being and in your future by taking the time to read it!  I know for certain, that I’m grateful it came into my life at such a young age.



7 thoughts on “The Secret and How it has Changed My Life

  1. This speaks to me so clearly. You summarized the law of attraction so well. I haven’t read the book, but I watched the documentary on Netflix last month. I’ve been pretty obsessed with it every since and love learning more about it. The attitude of gratitude takes you SO FAR in life – words can’t explain.


  2. I’ve read this book multiple times and never get sick of it! it’s one of the reasons why I started writing my blog in the first place 🙂 I’m aspiring to be a writer and possibly a journalist. At first it seemed hard but I figured everyone who ever got anywhere, were willing to put in that effort and take the risk 🙂


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