Big Things A Commin’!

Loud Intentions website is changing! I have been praying and mediating so hard over what direction to move with this, and it is becoming more clear to me every single day.

I feel that most people are aware of the power of attraction. Most people believe in it. Most people understand what paradigms are, and are maybe even aware of their own paradigms that are apart of their inner design.

I feel that I am being pulled in the direction of writing about these things more in depth. How to recognize paradigms that we wish to change. What steps we need to take in order to effectively change those paradigms.

Pinpointing our exact limiting beliefs before we crush them and move on to harness the power that we really posses. I have studied it all as a small fascination for years. I have utilized it in my own life situations. It has brought strange, unexplainable, amazing things into my world, and I would like to share these techniques with  everyone else who would like to listen!

We see so many things online, about what paradigm shifts are, and then it briefly tells us how to change them. I want to go into GREAT DETAIL about how to reprogram our belief system, about ourselves, our capabilities, our ‘limits’, self confidence, success, and much more.

I would also love to write more on living life more productively. How to kick procrastination in the teeth and live our lives with passion, purpose, and optimism. So many are stuck in rutts. Spinning wheels and becoming burnt out. I want to help those people by assisting them with goal defining and concrete action plans.

Another thing I feel I am being called to write about is my faith. Mainly for personal reasons I would like to dedicate a page of my website to content relating to my personal walk with God, and how my relationship with Him has molded my life. I have been ridiculed for reading my bible before, and its a crappy feeling. I have also been called a hypocrite for calling myself a Christian, because of mistakes I have made, and continue to make daily. But you know what!? He loves me anyway. And you know what else?? This is my little corner of the internet where I am allowed to write about whatever I want! So those who don’t like it, have a trillion other sites to go to.

Anyhoosers, everyone stay tuned for a new and improved site coming! I am beyond excited to share this stuff with you all.


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